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Posted on Monday 20th March, 2017 by

Be aware of cyber crime!

A customer received an email they thought to be from their builder asking for payment of £4000 to be transferred to a bank account.

The email was not from the builder and it was not the builder’s bank account.

At some point either the customer or the builder’s email account was hacked and the criminal was able to create a fake email which appeared to be from the builder.

Malicious software is usually downloaded by clicking on a link in an email, opening an attachment or browsing a website which installs the software. It allows criminals to gain access to your computer without you knowing.

Protect your business and your computer by following these simple tips:
• Telephone your customers to confirm when and how you would like payment
• Ask customers paying by bank transfer to call you first to check your bank details
• For large payments ask your customer to make a small payment to check it arrives safely before paying the balance

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