An exclusive Club for Business Leaders in Kent

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The Kent Business Hub™ is the ultimate support club for business leaders in Kent – a unique environment where every component of your business is challenged and benchmarked against industry best practice, where you can enjoy unlimited support from some of Kent’s most successful thought leaders and where Kent business leaders work collaboratively to help each other improve performance, increase efficiencies and significantly grow profitability.

Members of The Kent Business Hub™ are serious about investing in the realisation of their strategic objectives. They want to be challenged, they want to exercise the real potential of their people and they want to outperform their competition.  The Kent Business Hub™ provides the support mechanism to make that happen.

Members join the hub for a rolling 12-month period and for their membership they gain access to an unparalleled level of support, advice, tools, data and peer to peer collaboration working with some of the UK’s leading business authorities.

Central to the programme are three quarterly Huddles, where members meet for a full day in an exclusive Kent venue and a 2 day, off site retreat. Each of the Huddle sessions, as well as the Retreat, give members the opportunity to experience a series of high end presentations, facilitated masterclasses, networking and collaborative meetings with industry experts all centred around the themes of Leadership and People, Sales and Service Excellence, and Operational Efficiency.  In addition to the Huddles and the Retreat, there is a whole itinerary of additional advisory interactions for the members throughout the year, as well as a very unique suite of free support tools, unlimited free training, content, guides, data, information etc.

The value they are offering for membership of The Kent Business Hub™ is unparalleled in the market and ensures business leaders in Kent can remain focused on doing what they do best, running and growing a high performing business.
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