Charities Act to Take Effect from July 2016

Posted on Tuesday 7th June, 2016 by

The Cabinet Office has published a timetable detailing when the different sections of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 will take effect.

The legislation received Royal Assent in March 2016 and most of its provisions will come into force later this year. From July 2016, trustees will have new statutory powers to make social investments that achieve financial returns and further their charitable purpose.

A number of protective powers for the Charity Commission will also come into force, including the power to direct a charity to wind up or to not take part in a particular action. From October 2016, new requirements for agreements with commercial fundraisers will come into effect, as well as the power to disqualify individuals from being trustees or holding senior management functions.

The Charity Commission is expected to publish explanatory notes on the changes in the coming weeks.

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