Is every Cloud the same? Oh, no. Nothing that simple.

Posted on Friday 17th June, 2016 by

Earlier this year the team at Invicta Linux went to the largest Cloud Expo in Europe, based in the ExCel centre in London. Despite being a company that is wary of the Cloud want what it provides we went with open eyes hoping to see a change in the attitudes we’ve seen previously from Cloud providers. Prior to our visit our main concern was that privacy and security seemed to be of no interest to these companies at all and that the only main selling point was price and occasionally flexibility.

Our day there turned out to be incredibly interesting. We met a huge number of fascinating people from a wide variety of companies, both Cloud providers and companies there to help companies build and manage data centres. Despite talking to probably over a hundred different people all of us came away with the same question; what on earth is the Cloud anyway? This wasn’t even a question to us initially as we thought we knew, especially since it is a big part of our industry. However over the course of the day it became clear that every single company there had made up their own definition.

This, for us, is a terrifying proposition as it means no-one is selling the same thing. To us it means buying a car and then having a hamster wheel turn up at your house, not exactly what you expected to be paying for. Not to mention the implications on backing up your data, disaster recovery or guaranteed uptime.

We see some really interesting stuff happening with Cloud technology, for instance there are companies we deal with using it to power anti-virus engines or public collaboration tools, not to mention taking the basic Cloud ideals and turning them in to secure on premise solutions as we do.

If we were considering putting our mission critical services into the Cloud we would have to think twice at this point and probably put the project back for a few years as everything we’ve looked at make us think the industry hasn’t quite grown up yet and isn’t ready to be trusted with the data that can make or break my business.

You will not be surprised that the Cloud we trust is the one we use and recommend. It offers all the flexibility of public Cloud offerings, but the data stays under your control.

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