Trade Marks  The steps you can take to protect your brand.

Patents Protect the function and technical specifications of a new product or process.

Non-discolsure agreements Otherwise known as a ‘confidentiality agreement’ or ‘confidential disclosure agreement’ – is a contract relating to mutual or one-way disclosure of confidential information between two parties.

Data protection rules How customer and employee information should be stored and retrieved.

Supply contract disputes Dealing with supply contract problems.

Supplier contracts How to draw up supplier contracts.

Buying a business How to buy a business and why it can be better than starting one from scratch.

Tax and company vehicles The key tax implications of company vehicles.

Business insurance Safeguarding your business with insurance cover.

Health and Safety Rules All businesses must comply with health and safety rules to ensure they don’t put the welfare of their employees, customers and visitors at risk.

Complying with environmental legislation The key environmental legislation with which businesses must comply.