Macmillan Coffee Day

Posted on Wednesday 4th October, 2017 by

We wrote to you in September inviting you to our Macmillan Cancer relief coffee and cake fund raiser. We set what I thought was the slightly ambitious target of raising £1,000. Clearly, I don’t think big enough because we held our coffee morning on Friday and, including gift aid, we have this morning just tipped over £2,800 in total!!!*  Macmillan do a fantastic job in helping people fight cancer and we are just so grateful to everyone who made cake, everyone who came (and there were a lot of you) and to everyone who simply donated. THANK YOU ALL!

I am pleased to announce that the champagne raffle was won by David Martin-Woodgate and the cake by Janice Watson, it actually weighed a spectacular 7lbs 2oz (3.24kg).

We would love to see us tip over the £3,000 mark, so if you meant to donate but haven’t got round to it yet, you can still give on line here – it only takes a minute. You may not get any cake now but that different “nice warm feeling” comes without calories!


Simon Webster, Facts and Figures

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