Childcare Vouchers

What are Childcare Vouchers?

Childcare vouchers are a tax efficient government scheme to provide working parents with tax free funds towards paying for their childcare.

Why provide access to childcare vouchers for your employees?

  • Provide a benefit that actually saves you the employer up to £331 per annum every time an employee joins the scheme and provides an immediate return through National Insurance savings.
  • Provide an employee benefit that saves them up to £933 per year off the costs of their childcare.
  • Incentivise employees to return to work and provide access to peace of mind savings towards costs of childcare provision.
  • Reduce absenteeism by providing your employees with a solution towards their childcare costs.
  • Potentially opens up, retains and attracts access to a wider pool of talent and skills.
  • Complement and add value to your organisation’s work life balance strategy.

Why kidsunlimited?

  • kidsunlimited are the preferred supplier for the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are committed to providing schemes that are simple to operate and administer, backed by dedicated and accountable staff.
  • kidsunlimited will work with your business to support you with the Earnings Based Assessment calculations, and clearly communicate the options available to employees in regards to choosing the correct amount of Childcare Vouchers applicable to their personal rate of tax.
  • Unique Wellbeing Services that provide advice, assistance and guidance to employees to help with the challenges of raising a family.
  • Committed to working with you to communicate this valuable benefit to your employees in a way that suits your culture and benefit goals.
  • Committed to raise awareness of Childcare Vouchers and how they can benefit your employees, particularly for those with children in the 5-15 year age group.
  • kidsunlimited also successfully operates over 60 childcare nurseries across the UK (3 in Kent), so understands the importance of the relationships involved when administering Childcare Vouchers.

Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Services are incorporated in to the kidsunlimited Childcare Voucher scheme and are available for all employees and their families to access free of charge. Access details will be sent out once employees have registered. kidsunlimited Wellbeing Services are designed to provide guidance, assistance and peace of mind to parents to help with the challenges of raising a family.

To find out more or simply start a scheme, click here to visit the website.