Our Appetite for Apps Doesn’t Make Them a Must for Businesses

Posted on Friday 12th August, 2016 by

With 70% of us using apps, SMEs can benefit from having their own – but are there simpler mobile strategies?

Britain is now a smartphone society, according to regulator Ofcom’s latest communications report, with over a third (36%) of internet users seeing their smartphone as the most important device for getting online, compared to 29% who still use their laptop.

With the explosion of smartphone use has come the rise of the app industry – 70% of adults in the UK say they use apps [pdf]. With this appetite for apps, are small businesses missing a trick if they don’t have one?

One firm that has seen its business grow through an app is Reform Studios, a boutique fitness studio with two locations in Belfast. The business was founded in August last year by Yvette Rumney and Neal McGaffin. They quickly decided an app was the way forward. See the full report here

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