Starting Up

Business Plan basics A document that enables businesses to look ahead, allocate resources where they’re needed and prepare for problems and opportunities well in advance.

Strategy Strategic planning can be the key to help you focus on what you’re trying to achieve and what you need to do to make it happen.

Sales forecasting The key to cashflow control.

Limiting Start Up costs How to start up on a shoestring.

Calculating Start Up Costs How much starting a new business will cost.

Setting up a limited company Establishing credibility and limiting personal financial liability.

Women in business The main issues facing women starting up in business.

Setting up a home office How to set up a home-based office for your new business.

Social Enterprises Have environmental and social values at the core of everything you do.

Displaying company names The rules about where and when you must display your company name.

Key IT Threats Plenty of businesses have fallen victim to hackers, viruses and fraudsters. How can you deal with them?

Finding Premises Location is crucial, your premises need to be easily reachable by customers, suppliers and staff.

Setting up a home based business Starting your business from your home can be one of the most effective ways to keep your overheads down.

Olderpreneurs The obstacles and advantages of setting up a business later in life.

Mentoring How this could benefit you and your new business.