The new tax guide for 2016

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Personal Tax Account (PTA) – what is it?

The Personal Tax Account (PT A) is a new digital service giving individuals better understanding and online access to their personal tax information. Any ‘non business’ Self Assessment (SA) customers will move from ‘Your Tax Account’ to ‘Personal Tax Account’ to give them access to the extra services.  SA customers who are self-employed or pay business taxes such as VAT or Corporation Tax (CT) will also be given access to their Personal Tax Account (PTA) in the future. The new service will continue to be developed based on user feedback and in depth customer research.

Update on ‘Tax Calculation’ to support loan and mortgage applications (SA302)

HMRC will no longer be able to fax copies of SA302, also called the Tax Calculation or the Tax Year Overview, following changes to the Government Security Classifications. Faxing is no longer considered a secure means of communication for certain documents. The Council of Mortgage Lenders have been notified and they will be cascading this information to other lenders and brokers advising them not to ask for this information by fax. Copies can be sent by post but use of the self-serve option SA302-tax-calculation is advisable (check with the lender if self-serve documents are acceptable).

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – changes from April 2016

Over 85% of contractors already make their CIS returns online, but starting with the return due on 19 May, everyone will have to use the online service. Paper returns will not be acceptable from that date. Contractors currently sending paper returns will need to register for HMRC’s online services under ‘organisation’ before the April 2016 deadline. Online registrations need the HMRC employer reference and Accounts Office (AO) reference. Users of commercial software can find out more about the changes on the GOV.UK website. Contractors already using our online services don’t need to do anything now, but should check for updates on the CIS web pages over the next few months.

Register for our live webinar CIS for contractors (Partners) on 10 February @ 11.00 to find out more.

Work Place Pensions – Are your members on board?

Small and micro employers will need to meet their automatic enrolment duties. To find out when this will apply visit the Pension Regulator’s website for help on what to do and when.

Need help with VAT? – Read on

We have two e- learning courses which will do just that: VAT – Getting started and How VAT works

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