Upcoming Emergency Closures: Motorway

Posted on Tuesday 18th December, 2018 by

Please see below the upcoming emergency overnight closures:

Closing: 17 Dec, 22:00 to 18 Dec, 06:00
M20 J2-4 | M26 J2a – M20 | East Bound
Diversion: A20 to M20 J4

Closing: 18 Dec, 20:00 to 19 Dec, 06:00
M20 J4-6 | East Bound
Diversion: A20

Closing: 19 Dec, 20:00 to 20 Dec, 06:00
M20 J6-4 | West Bound
Diversion: A20

Closing: 20 Dec, 20:00 to 21 Dec, 06:00
M20 J4-2 | West Bound
Diversion: A20

Diversion route maps can be viewed here on our website

Why is this happening?

These emergency closures are taking place to allow us to replace the reflective studs that are positioned along the white lane dividers. The expected winter weather will impact their visibility and effectiveness. To maintain safety, we will be working to replace the reflective studs across the scheme using the closures listed above.

For more information, please contact Carolyne.Ferguson@kier.co.uk

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